ABB has extended its range of front panel devices with the introduction of the new ANR electrical network analysers - measuring instruments that permit advanced analysis of single and three-phase electrical distribution networks. In particular, the ANR devices are able to measure and record network parameters, information and alarms, routing data towards supervision and monitoring systems. It Available in 96 x 96 mm or 144 x 144 mm front panel format, they are equipped with a backlit graphic LCD display. The ANR analysers measure current and voltage in TRMS, frequency and temperature, calculate concatenate voltage and three-phase system voltage and current, power factor and cos?, apparent, active and reactive power, THD total harmonic distortion up to the 31st harmonic, and measure active energy consumed and cogenerated, submetering the counters in total counter, programmable by the user. All codes have RS485/232 built in as a standard. All the parameters can be stored in the 128 kbyte internal memory, expandable to up to 1 Mbyte for the ANR144 and ANR96P versions.