Industrial Drives

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Greatest flexibility and performance with DCS800 family. ABB industrial drives are designed for industrial applications, and especially for applications in industries such as the food & beverage, converting, wire drawing, mixer, extruders, test rigs, ski lifts, metals, cement, mining, pulp & paper, printing and non-motoric applications like DC chargers or magnets. ABB industrial drives are available both as complete DC drives and as modules to meet the requirements of the users, OEM's and system integrators. These drives are highly flexible DC drives can be configured to meet the precise needs of industrial applications.

Industrial Drives, Enclosed
DCS800-A are DCS800 converter modules mounted in an enclosure. The series is a complete range of enclosed converters intended for the supply and control of DC machines. The converter can be used for standard applications but has the flexibility to be customized for the most demanding applications. DCS800-A enclosed converters are variable as 6-/12-pulse and in 2- or 4-quadrant with current range of 18 to 9800/19600A and supply voltage of 230...900(1200)Vac.
DC Drives Upgrade Packages
  • Modernization of DC Drives - DC motors are very often in an excellent shape, even after dozens of years of operation. ABB has developed a set of proven products to modernize existing DC drives installations. Our approach is well-proven and has been used not only for ABB's classic DC drives (like Tyrak, Veritron, Sele, etc.), but also for other manufacturer's DC drives.
  • DCS800-E Panel Solution - The DCS800-E aims for revamping projects to replace old DC-Drives up to 450 A. It is a compact user-friendly Panel-Solution and offers all needed components pre-mounted, fully wired and factory-tested. While mounting it into an empty cabinet the mechanical installation will be completed. This ready-to-use concept allows to squeeze the power-down-time in rebuilding projects to a minimum.
  • DCS800-R Rebuild Kit -An attractive upgrade path to existing high power DC drives is to keep the power stack and just exchange the drive electronics boards. The standardized product for this upgrade path is e.g. the DCS800-R Rebuild Kit.