DMTME multimeters

The instruments DMTME are digital multimeters that allow the measurement (in TRMS mode) of the principal electrical parameters in three-phase 230/400 Vac networks, including the max/min/average detection of the main electrical parameters and the active and reactive energy count. The different measured variables are displayed locally on four red 7-segment LED displays providing easy readability and simultaneous display of multiples measures. The instruments DMTME combine also (in a single instrument) the functions of a voltmeter, ammeter, power factor meter, wattmeter, varmeter, frequency meter, active and reactive energy meters, allowing remarkable financial savings thanks to the reduction of space required for the panels and also of time required for cabling. The DMTME-I-485 model is additionally equipped with two relays, fully programmable as either pulse outputs for remote metering of energy consumption, or as alarm outputs. There is also an RS485 port for communicating the measured parameters over a Modbus network. All versions come complete with Mini CD containing the instruction manual, technical documentation, communication protocol and the DMTME-SW software.