The MTME series network analysers measure the true rms value of the principal electrical quantitites in 230/400 V a.c. three-phase networks, with memory storage of the maximum/minimum/average values and metering of the active and reactive energy on total and partial counters. Measurement of THD (total harmonic distortion), in absolute value and percentage terms, makes it possible to monitor in real time the energy quality on the system and prevent possible damage to equipment. The MTME network analysers are additionally capable, depending on the versions, of managing load shedding to conserve energy or optimise consumption, and of sisgnalling alarm conditions on a total of 34 quantities via two relay outputs. The versions with RS 485 port allow local and remote monitoring of all the values measured by an instrument or network of instruments. Values are displayed locally on a high-visibility backlit LCD display.

Other features include:
  • Automatic recognition of the CT polarity (selectable)
  • Programmable main screen
  • Access password
  • Firmware updating via PC